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    Tosin Ogundadegbe who studied philosophy from the Obafemi Awolowo University describes his style as "the new sophisticated but not unnecessarily casual"

What was it that made You become a stylist?
The flair to see people look Classic Elegant on a budget without breaking a vault or putting all your cheques on ensembles (may be thats why I offer personal shopping services for clients) Also watching Patricia Field transform the ladies on Sex and the City from Ordinary to Wow made me like the whole styling shindig, besides once its on your inside all you need to do is develop the passion to learn n know more.

How did You get your start?
Guess I started up with my immediate family who are naturally stylish individuals.They gave me the first platform I needed by giving me the opportunity not only to shop for them but also put their pieces together for events and lots more. Also I wouldn't fail to mention recommendations from friends like, Architect Eniola Aina, Seun Akinwale ,Seun Akinyode and Architect Shola Fawehinmi and a host of other friends to people they knew and this made me build a stronger network of clientelles to work with and also learn          how to work,understand and handle the challenges that come with the job including handling the bills that come with each job and whoever I had to work with.
      My major start kicked off on the 14th of July this year when I put together my first style shoot which I themed "UNDER CONSTRUCTION". The response from this shoot has been the catalyst that has kept me pushing on and wanting more. After this first style shoot, I got a recommendation from a friend by the name Boluwaji Falodun to Marella Designs to stlye her models for her  first try-outs. I themed it "HER HANDS ON A MACHINE COLLECTION" which I handled properly though with challenges...I sure had fun under the sun and under the rain doing the outdoor shoots....soooo memorable.

Who inspires You?
 Im presently working on my second style shoot themed "THE REFLECTIONS OF A STYLOHOLIC...THE INSPIRED COLLECTIONS"..where would be taking inspirations from looks on Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada, Ugly Betty, Gossip Girls  and of course The Women On Wisteria Lane (Desperate Housewives) and I'ld be working with Saphire Couture (her debut collection), FullHouse Photography that handled PHOTO AFRICA and My very own UNDER CONSTRUCTION, make-up house KINGS SIGNATURE, Royalties Esembles for Accesories and Professional models too.

If you should choose any celebrity to make-over who would it be? And why?
 Nkiru Anumudu whos middle name should be TOO MUCH. One would have expected me to say Genevieve Nnanji or Nike Oshinowo Sholeye...but the beauty of the work you do is in the transformation of whoever you are handling. the latter two are style personaes who for sure I wouldnt mind styling for an event but I choose Nkiru because she's got potentials and she's got a great  wardrobe from the things I see her wear but I dont think she has a sight for the thin line between INNOVATION and WHAT WAS YOU THINKING....her head to toe look is always my good pill to boredom cos for sure it will keep me company either laughing ,chatting or working.
 Olisa Adibua...I  say to myself all the time...BIG IS THE NEWEST SEXY OR HOT. But seeing Olisa's dressing all the time leaves me in least for him. If you are a plus size, pls dont do the oversize or the too snuggy. Olisa is a die hard fan of the oversize and sometimes he just looks like he's nursing sorry. Being big doesn't mean you cant be stylish. I'm big and I'm stylish in my very simple theme. He'll be a good client to work with plus he's got a good personae.

Whom or what magazines have You worked for?
 I've worked with individuals like Architect Eniola Aina, Dr Babatunde Ogundadegbe, Dr Dapo Awopetu, Tolulope Olagunju, Adaeze  Williams winning look at Law dinner, Architect Doni Ahanmisis look to the technicolour shindig, Marella Designs, Saphire Couture, I  have also worked with a couple of grooms men and bridal train, THE AWESOME TEAM, EDEN at 10 COMMITEE ON WORK FORCE, FOTO WORX and a host of others. Did I include myself? I own CLAUDIANA  GABRIEL..A growing style and image branding PR firm. I havent worked for any fashion magazine before.

What do You love about been a stylist?
 Obviously its the people I have to work has given me the opportunity or avenue to understand people and learn from them... when the ensenmbles are around and its time to just so filled with joy i get goose bumps...Ironical right?

What is the biggest challenge when it comes to styling?
My biggest challenge is working with people who pay because they know I am good at what I do and at the same time they know too much. They want to dictate to you what they want. A stylist should have fineese and tact to handle such clients, they could be a thorn on your flesh but if you dont have them you wouldnt get your bills paid. Also working with Conservatives who dont wanna  dress outside the box without going OTT(over the top). It could be pretty tough but with fineese and tact, they definitely will dance to your tune if you decide to remain professional. Lastly the fear that your client wont be buggled by the fashion police for the wrong reasons or make the "what was you thinking" tabloid.

Which celebrity loccally and internationally in your opinion has flawless style?
Locally, Genevieve Nnanji and Nike Oshinowo Sholeye. Their style is timeless and very individualistic in nature. Fifteen or fifty they always look fabulous. Internationally, Victoria Beckham and Jenifer Hudson. Posh Becks is more of the classic look and she does always have too much going down on one piece. Effie White as she was known in dream girls though plus size, her outfits always fit her like a fairy dream. Her Victoria Beckham dress to the Grammies 2010 left me gasping for more. She has the girl next  door kinda style.

What are your favourite trends this season?
Favorite trends this season.I love the business casual meets university prep look with a touch of the classic british. Also the redefined looks of the girls from the 60s to the 80s.....its fresh modern and hip crisp elegant and not too extravagant..thank God for Vintage.

Name five items a man and a woman must have in their wardrobes?
 A should have a classic white shirt, A wrist clock, A statement pair of shoes with good socks, A bespoke or well tailored suit or blazer, A neat leather wallet. And a woman must have the little black dress, A classic or  vintage time piece, A functional all purpose black patent leather bag, A sophisticated pair of shoes ,A lovely perfume from the timeless collection like Chanel no5 or do the girl meets boy and wear Sean Johns male version of unforgivable.

Whose closet are You most likely to raid?
Definitely Sean puffy combs..Santa wouldn't have to pay me a visit once i'm done with that.

Name your THREE favourite on the budget shopping outlet?
The Vintage Place, Emerald Emporium and I just discovered Infusion and Royalties Essembles.

What is your biggest fashion faux-pas?
Wrong clothings and colours for the wrong weather, on the wrong body frame, to the wrong events.

What advice do you have for aspiring stylist?
Stay focused and be open to learning new things. Never bother yourself about what people have to say because once you tell them you are a stylist or a wardrobe consultant you are labelled Gay. Stay focused and true to youself and do not be apologetic for doing it.

By Yemi Olowu


  1. am actually not surprised gbo gbo bigz boy.........the sky is your stepping stone... only God knows your limit

  2. Tosin....Keep up the good work, I'm so proud of you

  3. Tosin ... this is just the beginning of greater things to come your way! Proud of you bruv. Xxx

  4. thumbs up tosin..................................

  5. Keep on with the good work bruv. Always remember, Success and Passion are intertwined.


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